Collection in Europe

COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE is specialized in collection of  B2B receivables in Europe and in a various range of countries outside of Europe (for more information, please do not hesitate to contact us).


Being located in the heart of Europe (Belgium), COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE has a perfect knowledge of the procedures to be used as well in pre-litigation as in litigation, taking into consideration the local legislation and the most adequate local procedures.


In most of the European Countries, COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE can offer a solution based on a contingency fee, NO COLLECTION / NO FEE basis even in Litigation for non contested claims as well for SMALL CLAIMS.





- COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE initiates and follows the pre-litigation and litigation procedures for Belgium, France and Luxemburg, directly from its office in Antwerp (no middle-man).


- All procedures are handled from A to Z by our international team of lawyers. The legal procedures are also done according to the local legislations.


Our clients can follow at any time the status of their cases by logging into our online web based system.




In The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK,  Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania (and other countries still to be precised case by case),  COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE can offer a solution in pre-litigation as well in litigation mostly on a contingency fee, NO COLLECTION / NO FEE basis.

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