International Commercial Receivables

COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE and its group of companies have developed through  more than 30 years of business skills to take actions on a global and direct approach for every size of company and claim. PRE LITIGATION and LITIGATION IN EUROPE.

Our Approach

Daily Actions

Our Strengths

When receiving an International Commercial Claim, and before starting any action, we will analyze the claim, we will trace the debtor, assess which Law is applicable , which court is competent in case of litigation and which strategy has to be applied for that particular claim.


For forwarders / clients who prefer pre-litigation attempts before taking a debtor to court , our multilingual staff will send the necessary dunning-letters and make the necessary telephone conversations with the debtors in their native language where possible and if our

in-house actions do not succeed , we can rely on our precious network of local agents with whom we did build throughout all the years of cooperation a personal relationship. Our cross-border success is a result of those strong international alliances and for that reason

CA€ is grateful to be part of the most important organizations on the international collections scene.


Being aware of the ever-growing importance of DSO’s (Days Sales Outstanding) in today’s business climate, we keep our pre-litigation efforts within the shortest cycle time as possible, meaning that our dunning actions and telephone calls and those of our local partners will be undertaken without any delay.


For those who already tried to convince their debtors to pay without the expected result, and now prefer a more drastic approach, we can instantly take legal actions in most European Countries and our In-house Lawyers follow up all legal actions undertaken against debtors unwilling to pay in a amicable way.


Of course all of our actions can be viewed by our forwarders/clients through our free web-based system designed specifically for our clients needs. This system gives our forwarders/clients world wide access to each case through a personal log-in and password.

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So our International Collection procedure consists of :


- Clear and concise dunning letters to the debtors.

- Telephone calls made by professional collectors (in-house and local)

- Hard but fair approach towards the debtors.

- Follow-up of payment plans when allowed by the forwarders/clients

- Daily money transfers to our forwarders/clients

- Data research and credit reports for most European Countries

- Clear terms

- Compliance with local legislation

- Online platform with 24/7 access

- First-rate attorneys available whenever and wherever needed

- Fast legal action if necessary after serious amicable efforts.

- One-stop-shop for commercial receivables in Europe

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Most of the claims forwarded to COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE will be handled in a CONTINGENCY FEE basis.


In order to get the business in , CA€ eliminated all obstacles for our forwarders/clients :



- NO COSTS OR START-UP FEES for forwarding a claim


- NO COLLECTION / NO FEE even in litigation for non contested claims in most European Countries

- NO MINIMUM NUMBER OF CLAIMS REQUIRED , single claims are welcome

- SMALL CLAIMS are very welcome

- 100 % Transparancy through WEB BASED SYSTEM

- PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE of 2.500.000,00 EUR on a yearly basis


Give our approach a try and be convinced of it's success. On the basis of a number of test cases, we are happy to prove the added value of our services within a relatively short space of time. Please feel free to ask us for our extensive list of references. Hesitate no longer and allow for a modern legal practice and international collection platform to look after your debt collection.

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