Small Claims



Let it be a challenge for your business to TURN YOUR FINANCIAL WASTE INTO ENERGY.

COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE is glad to be your partner for that !


Is the fact that your debtor is located abroad a good reason for you to simply write-off your small commercial claims ? We certainly don’t think so !


Unlike you most financial managers use standard techniques to determine whether or not a bad debt should be written off. If and when they decide a bad debt, especially a small one , has been on the books for too long, when it has had (if many) a negative effect on the organization’s performance, typically the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) and the ADD (Average Days Delinquent), the decision is quickly made, WRITE-OFF.


When a large portion of (small) accounts receivable is consistently written-off, the DSO and ADD ratios may bounce back into the acceptable, but the overall performance of the organization will be poorer and the future comes very bleak indeed.


With this in mind and knowing that most organizations don’t have the time nor the expertise to go after smaller international claims, COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE came up with the idea offer the market a solution on a contingency fee basis , so without any costs involved for the forwarder/client. We give the opportunity to every serious financial manager to forward single or bulk small European commercial claims , even when written-off already, to make some extra money for their company , not expected anymore by their investors or the boss.


With COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE , small claims get the same attention as large ones. It is definitely our experience that we win the hearts of the financial managers , just by offering them RESULTS for this kind of receivables since we know that not many of our colleagues are really interested in this segment of the collection business.


So, give it a try, it will not costs you anything and it may be a good way to experience if COLLECTION ATTORNEYS EUROPE is really an excellent collection partner for your business.

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